Hmm... Good News! Sekarang Browsing pake Google dibayar!!

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Nggak percaya !!
Terserah sih, cuma ini bukan asal cuap man....
Dengan Google Search Engine bisa dapat duit tiap kita searching sesuatu??
Yup, betul my man...

Ups jangan buru-buru buka nya, gak akan dapat apa-apa kalo langsung gitu mah!
Ada cara and trick nya, sebenernya nih udah di post di postingan sebelumnya disini, cuma emang disitu kita belum bisa dapet duit browsing pake google.

Ternyata sekarang udah kolaborate sama om google, dahsyat gak tuh!!
kita dibayar sama dengan fasilitas pencarian google search engine....
Kalo gak seneng sih kebangetan tuh!

Masih belum ngerti juga?? yah pokoknya kamu daftar disini terus ikuti 3 langkah praktisnya, kalo udah pake fasilitas personal search boxnya, and searching lewat situ.

Dan yang paling keren kita dibayar pake Pounds... he he bukan dollar, kita dibayar £0.02/0.03 per valid search! Dan tidak ada batasan buat kita setiap harinya! berapa potensinya??? sekuat and semau kita aje!!

Dan berita bagusnya lagi, ini totally FREE alias gratis, dan kita gak usah punya website sendiri, gak kaya ADSENSE yang mewajibkan membernya punya website sendiri.

MySearchFunds search engine bisa dipake di IE and Firefox.
Anda juga bisa memakainya di ponsel anda, untuk detilnya anda bisa lihat di search using your mobile device!

SO, happy searching and earning!!
Tips buat optimasi program ini bisa dilihat disini

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Optimizing Your Searching for Money With Mysearchfunds

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After made several trial and error maybe these tips will help you to optimize your "searching for money" with

  1. Upgrade your search box with your own searchfunds box, it easier for you to make a quick search.
  2. Make sure that you open the pages completely, your search will not count if you don't finish your searching pages,
  3. If you are using Firefox or IE 7.0 you can easily open several tabs at the time (don't open too much), I've tried to open 10 tabs in the same time, but they didn't count it, 5 tabs is still acceptable.
  4. You can do several searching in a same time, but make sure those pages open perfectly.
  5. Don't do open and close suddenly, just let the opened pages for a while, or you can click something inside the page and make a new tab, I recommend to click the advertisement side, it usually put at the top of the page.
  6. I wouldn't recommend you to use automated software or scripts, it against T.O.S, but it on your own risk.
  7. Don't be too greedy, use your time normally, don't spend several hours in one chance.
  8. Tell your friends about this great program, get downline as much as you can....
  9. Happy Searching... ; )
If you don't know about you can read the review here

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Itu mah basi...

Tahukah anda berapa Banyak pemasukan GOOGLE.COM dari iklan lewat search Enginenya? MILYARAN DOLLAR!! Dan Om GOOGLE adalah pemegang kue iklan internet terbesar dengan market share hampir 80 %....Amazing isn't. Tahukah anda berapa yang kita dapat dari kegiatan kita browsing pake GOOGLE??? NOL.... Yup that's the fact, SAD BUT TRUE!

The Question is?
Making money with your search engine? is it possible?

The answer is yes! and I'll show you how!

How does it work?
Sekarang lupakan om google yang pelit dengan kuenya, Maukah Anda saya tunjukan situs yang membayar kita karena melakukan aktifitas searching seperti biasa? Gampang banget khan..

Dan yang paling keren kita dibayar pake Pounds... he he bukan dollar, kita dibayar £0.02/0.03 per valid search! Dan tidak ada batasan buat kita setiap harinya! berapa potensinya??? UNLIMITED...

Dan berita bagusnya lagi, kita gak usah punya website sendiri, gak kaya ADSENSE yang mewajibkan membernya punya website sendiri.

Ok, Website keren itu adalah MySearchFunds. Prinsipnya anda tinggal menggunakan searching box yang anda dapat ketika mendaftar. Sekarang gunakan MySearchFunds search box anda mendapat bagian 50% dari pendapatan iklan mereka..

OK,siapa ?

Website ini merupakan partner dari, salah satu Search Engine terbesar yang selain Google, Yahoo, MSN, dan bekerjasama dengan situs2 besar seperti eBay, yang memungkinkan mereka melakukan sharing dari iklan yang ditampilkan di situs

MySearchFunds search engine bisa dipake di IE and Firefox.
Anda juga bisa memakainya di ponsel anda, untuk detilnya anda bisa lihat di search using your mobile device!

Anda bisa daftar DISINI, dan ikuti 4 langkahnya.

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Keyword Country’s the Good and the Bad

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The Good

  • Its not a Keyword list or keyword software, it’s a Keyword Search Engine.
  • Highly relevant keyword results that work. And all this, within a few seconds!
  • Displays everything you need to be successful with AdSense
    • Maximum CPC
    • Estimated EPC
    • Number of Sponsors
    • Number of Clicks per month
    • Profitability rankings
    • Number of competitors
    • Traffic on Overture
    • Traffic on Google (estimated)
    • KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio
  • Gives you access to:
    • Most searched keywords that exist on planet earth
    • Most clicked keywords
    • Most high paying keywords
    • Most low competition high value keywords
    • Anchor texts that work
  • Equips you with three unique searching tools - Basic Search, Price Range Search, and Advanced Search.
  • Provides you with lots of Niche Keywords from 600,000 industries.
  • Provides Keyword Map that comprises of hosts of categories such as Arts, Computers, Health, Games, News, and Society. Helps you brainstorm for new topic and research out new topics for your existing website.
  • Gives you amazing niche keywords.
  • Good for adsense as well as affiliate websites.

The Bad

  • Database conks out at times, but the frequency has reduced tremendously.
  • Keyword map can be quite confusing because of its depth.
  • Does not allow any keyword additions to database.
So, what are you waiting for just SIGN UP and stop wasting your time!

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Keyword Country : Reviewed Inside Out (part 2)

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Above all things, it is the Advanced Searching option that makes Keyword Country a bit special. I think these guys have really thought hard! This time they have come up with a tool that allows you to do in-depth research for each keyword. Offering a variety of searching options just like Wild Cards of Google, Advanced Searching can sort results on the basis of Max CPC, Average CPC, Searches, Sponsors, or anything else you like.

After going through Keyword Country videos, Advanced Search starts making a lot of sense and you really get the hang of the powers of KC’s Advanced Search tool.

Sort the results by “Rating,” and KC will give you only profitable keywords. Sort the results by “Clicks per month,” and you will get the keywords that attract the most clicks for Google. Just integrate these keywords in your website, and you will increase the chances of getting more CTR. Furthermore, there are many more types of keywords that you can find out with Keyword Country. Just run through the Keyword Country videos for complete details.

Besides, you can customize your search the way you want. Whether you type in a search query, or you search the keywords without typing in a search query – Keyword Country generates hordes of keywords spanning different industries. I won’t hesitate to say that I found such a tool after a long… long time! Well Done!

One of the most striking features of this software is “Blank Search.” Now, this is one feature that I have not seen anywhere else. Blank Search allows you to reach the most searched keywords on planet earth, most clicked keywords that exist, most high paying keywords, and most low competition high value keywords. Just leave the keyword field blank in Advanced Search, and Keyword Country will give you such amazing lists. This feature makes Keyword Country really outstanding. I can’t believe they are selling its access so cheap!

They claim to be a “Keyword Search Engine.” I believe they have already achieved what they claim. And they are still making it better and better day by day. I am sure they can make their product even more special.

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Keyword Country : Reviewed Inside Out (part 1)

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Using KeywordCountry for keyword research is just like searching on Google. Yes, you get the relevant keyword results right away with all the details that you need to be successful with AdSense! Just imagine Google suggesting keywords for your website! Well, this is what you will feel while searching keywords via Keyword Country.

This is not all! I strongly feel that Keyword Country seems to have discovered a way through which it can suggest keywords that attract traffic, get more clicks, and fetch you more EPC.

Keyword Country positions itself as a Keyword Search Engine. And quite obviously, I was more than curious to test whether or not the product stands up to what it commits. Here is what I found:

In fact, I have been keeping an eye on Keyword Country for quite some time now. I must say when Keyword Country started off, it was not so striking. But, their latest version seems to have done the trick!

Just type-in a keyword in KeywordCountry, and you have millions of relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with key details like:

  • Max CPC
  • Number of Advertisers
  • Number of Clicks per month
  • Estimated EPC
  • Number of competitors
  • KEI Analysis
  • R/S Ratio
  • Number of Searches (according to Overture)
  • Traffic on Google (estimated) and much more!
Keyword Country is really user friendly. In fact, using it is as easy as walking down a smooth lane in the bright sunshine with both the eyes wide open. More importantly, what impressed me a lot is the way Keyword Country produces thousands of high paying keywords and niche keywords in the blink of an eye.

Keyword Country allows you to search for keywords in 3 different ways via Basic Search, Advanced Search, and Price Range Search. At the outset, I thought they are shuffling the same keywords in the three different searches. But no! The results are actually search specific, and enable you to choose the best keywords that suit your requirements. There is no cheating in their search results.

I was planning for an auto loan, so I tried the keyword "loan", I just typed the keyword in BASIC Search and I got 21,086 relevant keywords within a few seconds, each with key details like Max CPC, Number of Advertisers, Number of Clicks per month, Estimated EPC, Number of competitors, KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio, Number of Searches (according to Overture), and Traffic on Google.

I was really impressed by the relevancy of the keywords that I found. The results are so relevant that you can actually export the list and use it right away in your website without even filtering out any record. However, the results become a bit irrelevant as you dig deep into the list (just like in a search engine). But, I must say that the results seem to have been sorted by humans, and not by software. It is more like stealing the keyword research from a professional SEO.

Not just this, I had another option of choosing high paying keywords from 206 different sub-categories for the search term - Loan. I picked - Auto loan, and Keyword Country listed 1,257 keywords for the sub-category - Auto loan. Price Range Searching is another remarkable feature Keyword country boasts. This search enables you to search for the keywords within a specific price range. One of the key advantages of this kind of a search is that it brings forth lots of low priced, hidden keywords that are really profitable. Besides, you can brainstorm new ideas for AdSense as well.

Visit KeywordCountry for more information and join the affiliate program!

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How to Earn With Search Engine! Another Easy Money...

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I found another easy money making opportunities.

Making money with your search engine? is it possible?

The answer is yes! and I'll show you how!

It sound ridiculous at the first, but soon you'll realize that it is not a joke and You'll find out why...

How does it work?

Well known search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and any other SE receive advertising revenue from companies featured in their search results, and they revenues from this online advertisement are unbelievable amount of dollars, a billions of dollar, and what you get from this searching activities? Non. Google is # 1 in market share. Here's the simple thing you can do to get revenue from your browsing activities. Replace your browser's search box ( if you're using FireFox - it's the one at the top right of your browser) with your own revenue generating search box you can earn money as you search. Normally you'll see Google or Yahoo as the custom Search Engine but after replacing that engine, you’ll see in your browser a drop-down list which contains a search engine with your name that you used to sign-up with MySearchFunds. So basically, if you can always switch between search engines easily anytime. Now using MySearchFunds search box you can earn 50% of any advertising revenue generated!

Who is

A privately owned commercial organization called Vine On Line Limited registered in England & Wales, wholly owned subsidiary of a privately owned company - Alpexus Ltd, a web marketing company formed in 2004.

Initially Alpexus Ltd helped charities sell items on eBay but like any good company its services evolved by listening to and continuing to listen to, its clients' needs. They have partnered with who are rewarding loyalty by giving a portion of this advertising revenue to us if the search has been made through one of our search boxes. Via their relationship with, the internationally recognised search engine, and agreements with a number of other well known internet services such as eBay, they enable fundraising organisations to obtain a share of the advertising revenue generated when these services are used via their agreements.

MySearchFunds search engine works on IE and Firefox.
And you can also set up the search page in your mobile phone and earn when you search using your mobile device!

It's completely FREE and you can start earning right away. What's more, you can recommend a friend and earn 10% of their revenue, earn £0.02/0.03 per valid search! and get paid monthly via Paypal, Cheque or bank transfer options.

You can sign up HERE, and just follow the simple 4-steps accordingly.

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Easy Way to Get Your Free Domain and Hosting Service

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If you don't have your own domain yet, you don't have to worry, there are some free domain and hosting service, like CO.CC and of UNI.CC. If we register there, our domain will be of prefer to use, because I have a domain already there, and it is easier in UNI.CC.

Only there is a regulation, that we have to install link script, to see how active our domain is. If in 3 months we got less than 10 hits, automatically the domain will be vanished from membership.
First you have to register the name of domain in UNI.CC. After name of domain which you select enlisted, your check your email to see verification code.

If your domain has verified, register the domain in free hosting.
Free cPanel Web Hosting with PHP5/Mysql - no advertising!
Register now here

We can offer you a free web hosting package packed with advanced features for hosting & building professional dynamic websites. We provide secure free web space with all the web hosting tools you could possibly ever need.

Our package includes:
- 250 MB of Disk Space, 100 GB Bandwidth
- Host your own domain (
- cPanel Powered Hosting (you will love it)
- Over 500 website templates ready to download
- Free POP3 Email Box with Webmail access
- FTP and Web based File Manager
- PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby.
- And many more..

Click here to visit

Next step is login to your free domain account in Change the DNS nameserver. You can check it in you email.
According to change of this nameserver will seen after 24 hour or more, but practically sometime take only 2 hour to change.
And now you have your own domain and hosting service.

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Earn Easy Money From Your Blog with bloggerwave

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Do you have a blog and want to make some extra money? Then Bloggerwave gives you the opportunity.
Seemed too good to be true? Not at all, the fact is you work for us, take the jobs,and you get paid.
Simple isn't it? Start make money from your blog today.

Just follow these simple step to make it happen.
1. Sign Up to bloggerwave
2. Register your blogs, max 5 blogs.
3. After your blogs accepted, find a jobs
4. Start earning money.

Join Bloggerwave and create so many opportunities.
Bloggerwave is aiming to be Europes biggest advertsing media on blogs and you can help us grow so more and more jobs will come.

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If You Are not Creative Enough, You Must Read This!

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What do you think about ideas?. Is it difficult for you to generate ideas?

Well, sometimes we trapped into similar thinking pattern, that great ideas came from a great person, and creativity belong to the artist or something like that.

Is it true? Well if you still thinking like that, maybe you’ll never be able to create so many ideas. Human brain is a magical and unbelievable computer, very sophisticated and beyond our mind. If we think about latest technology today, like nanotechnology, hybrid machine, special effect in latest animation movies, space tech or something like that,. We’ll be amazed with all that sophisticated things, but we forget what is the main “tools” beyond that sophisticated matters. Yup, it’s our brain…

What about us? I suggest if we want to think big stuff, well start it from a small things. Think big start small…

Maybe I can help you to unleashed the power of your mind, I’m not the expert, I just want to share my experience.

Here are few tips for you to refreshing your mind

1. Relaxing

Hmm….before using your brain for this activity, you have to release some of your mind burden. Take a deep breath and then breathe slowly, closing your eyes will also help. Empty your mind, imagine fresh flowers, beautiful scenery at the village, happy time with your family…do it for a few minutes.

2. Be Positive (If someone else could, why don’t we)

If you want to start thinking, put this in your memory, creativity is not a gift, it is something that we can learn, or maybe we just didn’t realize if we made a creative thing..

3. Keep it Simple

Before you do so many complicated things in your mind, why don’t you try to think it as simple as you can. Having a complicated problems doesn’t mean you have to give your mind a complex way to think. It’s all started from a simple thing, even for Wright brothers, before they made a very complex design of the first plane in the history, they started with a simple mind, find the way to fly.

4. Other’s point of view

Try to take somebody’s point of view to figure out the problem. Think like the way they think, because changing our point of view really help us finding the new ideas. For example if we face a problem with your date, try to use policeman’s point of view, or taxi driver’s, or anyone… What will they do if they are facing a similar problem? Catch up some cool things when you’re doing that.

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Mind of Millionaires Secrets Finally Revealed !

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The author The Millionaire Mind, Thomas J. Stanley have chosen more than 400 millionaire in United States to do a comprehensive survey figuring out what make them very rich. The survey tell us how they eat,how to go shopping,how to invest and even how they choose their couple. Here the major points in his book, combining with my personal association about what inside their mind.
Hard work, Integrity
We just cant deny it, every millionaire has their own hard work ethic. They don't just dream it they make it happens. Always focus on goal.
Never allow a lacklustre academic record to stand in your way
There a list from those successful millionaires with no academic degree with them. Mindset is the most important thing. You can be whatever you want, be positive.
Have the courage to take financial risk.
Sometimes you have to take a risky decision about your financial moves, financing a project, buy a franchise, make an acquisition are few examples about this thing.
Select a unique, profitable vocation (career).
You are the one who knows your capability, your goal, and your passion.
Be careful in selecting your spouse
You can see my posting about selecting your spouse,especially your business partner you can find it here. They can give you a boost or another way they'll put you in serious trouble. This step is one of the most important thing before you decided to do something.
Be economical.
Try to improve/to equiping again instead of purchasing new matters. Sound ridiculous? Not until you heard how much we can save a penny for this stuff, my personal example is Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of the popular Richdadpoordad series book, lived in their van while building their business empire.
Study, search and Negotiate
They make a list before they plan to buy anything. They watch each and every dollar they spend, and most of them are great negotiator.
Balance your lifestyle.
If you are in your company for 365 days You will neither earn money nor earn your loved ones faith. If you became a millionaire after 20 years of hard work, there won't be any time or anybody with you to enjoy the fruits!
Here's a link again to the book if you want to browse through it in Amazon. The Millionaire Mind

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Value Added, Easier Way to Catch Business Ideas

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Do you realize that business today is not always making such a brand new things, an inventor, pioneer...
Well I'm not saying that creating something new is old fashioned...not at all, in fact new kind of business still promising. But if you start something totally new, there'll be much effort to do.
Find cool and new ideas is the first step, make it happens is the next step.
Starting a new business is not an easy things to do.
There will be so many obstacles ahead, from inside or outside.

Just a little advice, why don't we start it not from the blank paper...
Start it with the idea that you can always modified anything, any activity, any stuff. After you find something interesting, just think what can we do to modified it, function, process, how to make it more efficient, more interesting, more valued.

It will be easier for us to catch some ideas with adding a values to any thing, there is no limitation for the process. After you decided to make something better, make a modification to assure you that you don't produce a same thing with the original one.

I don't want to write a detail here, because there are so many opportunities, and the best thing is you can find your own value added business

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Cristiano “Rocket” Ronaldo, From Zero to Hero

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Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite football player ever, when the first time I saw this guy in his debut against bolton, I realized that this young man is not just playing football. He has passion everytime he touch the ball, doing some cool tricks I’ve never seen before, and the most important thing he was only 18 years old.

His confidence was unbelievable, his mentality was outstanding too, made such an impact in his debut was extraordinary…

Beside his cool tricks, his score ability, his running speed, that’s why they called him ‘rocket’, he has something that in my opinion is his ultimate weapon… his mentality.

I remember when he became england’s # 1 public enemy, in early 2007…several months after the world cup tragedy when his national team beat rooney’s national team, and the famous “winker” moment, soon the fan turned against him and started to make a terror, vandalism, confrontation, and the most pathetic was everytime he touched the ball, fan ( most of them from the opponent’s team ) made a “woooooo…” to show their hate.

Cristiano still a human being, he considered to leave the club, but sir Alex Ferguson his coach hold him…After he decided to stay, he show the greatest thing in football history, Became seasons best player with 23 goals, and had 3 personal awards in one seasons, he did it under ultimate pressure…what the great thing to do...

Well the point is, our mentality is the most important thing in every aspect. Our success is depend on how tough our mentality facing every obstacles…Never give up the fight is a good words for us…

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The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Starting A Business

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I found an interesting article about people's common mistakes when they are starting a business, this is written by Evan Carmichael from

Here are our common mistakes when starting a business:

1) Not enough money.

The most common reason why new businesses shut down is that the owner runs out of money. Cash flow is critical to a startup business. You could be profitable and still have to close your doors because your customers are taking too long to pay you. Cash is king in a startup venture and you need to prepare for it.

One option is to make sure you have enough startup capital from your own investments or outsiders (bank loan, private investors, etc). A second option is to ease into the business so that you start doing it on a part-time basis until you know that it will make enough money to support you.

2) Not thinking survival.

Starting a business is all about survival. How do you stay around one more day so that you can learn more about your market and close new customers?

At the beginning stages of a business this may mean doing work that might not be completely what you want to do but it helps pay the bills. You need to do whatever it takes to survive and get through until the business can fully support yourself.

3) Losing momentum.

Many new entrepreneurs have ambitions to start a business so they create a website, try to make a few sales, go all out for a few months and then stop completely. Building a business is all about momentum. If you had 24 hours to spend on a business they would be put to far better use by spending one hour a day than for 24 hours straight.

It takes time to develop a new company and for people to react to what you have to offer. Never lose the momentum and even if your business is only a part time initiative for you at the moment, make sure that every day you are making progress of some sort to move your company forward.

4) Doing it all alone.

Nobody is perfect or has the skills to do everything themselves. You need to understand what it is that you bring to the table and what you need to surround yourself with. If, for example, you are very strong at inventing but don’t want to sell then you need to find a salesperson to help you.

You won’t succeed by forcing yourself to do things that you truly don’t enjoy and will never be good at. Know where you stand and what value you can offer. By getting people around you who complement your skills, you will be able to achieve your goals and have a lot more fun along the way!

5) Not hiring right away.

You should begin looking at who can be brought on board to help you from the first day of starting your company. There will be tasks in any business that you, as the owner, should not be focusing on if you hope to build any sort of sizable organization. Why are you doing admin work when you should be out closing customers, talking to the media, and landing new partnerships?

But I’m broke! How can I hire someone? Even if you have a $0 budget you can find people to work for you through high school and foreign student internship programs. Once you have a budget, you can bring people on board for as little as one hour a day (what I first did) and then increase their hours when you can afford it. You need to be spending your time working on the business and not in the business.

6. Doing it just for the money.

If you don’t truly love your business then you won’t be successful. If you read the stories of famous entrepreneurs and how they built their organizations you will find that it all comes down to the root of loving what you are doing.

Money is definitely important, as most companies are for-profit enterprises, but it will often take a long time to come and if you don’t truly enjoy your work then you won’t be able to convince yourself to keep going. You can only do something that you don’t really love for so long before you give up.

7. Getting to year 1, past year 2.

Many entrepreneurs have a hard time getting to the end of year one. Typically it’s because they started the business on a whim and got excited about an opportunity but didn’t do the proper research. These entrepreneurs usually run out of money and close down after a few months.

A second challenge is getting through year two. It usually takes three years of hard work to make a business. Year one is all about the excitement of getting started. You’re high on energy and ready to take on the world. In year two entrepreneurs often find themselves still not making much money and the startup excitement has faded. You’ll need to work your way through the downturn and know that the money is coming if you keep at it.

8. Don’t build around a customer.

The best way to make a lot of money quickly is to find a customer who has a problem and is willing to pay you to solve it - and then you go out and build the solution. Most entrepreneurs take the opposite mentality of “if I build it, then will come” only to realize that they’ve built it and nobody is coming. Instead of talking to customers as to why they’re not coming they decided to continue building and building. Soon they find out that they’ve invested years of work and nobody is interested in buying from them.

The companies with the highest failure rates are restaurants because they are usually built around an owner’s personal tastes. Meanwhile, the entrepreneurs with the lowest failure rates are lawyers and accountants because they are based around a service that we all need (whether we like it or not!) Talk to potential customers, see what they are interested in, identify who has money and what their pains are and then create your product / service around them.

9. Don’t seek mentors.

A great way to get a business going is to find out what other people have done to achieve success and implement those strategies into your own company. Find mentors who have knowledge of your industry and will give you time out of their day to help you.

You could set up a formal board of advisers and compensate people for their time but if you’re a startup you can play on the fact that most entrepreneurs are willing to help out a fellow business owner as a way to give back. If you show genuine appreciation and approach the right people, the advice you get will help make or break your company.

10. Don’t get involved in the community.
Tied in with not seeking mentors is not getting involved in the small business community. Countless opportunities are generated by connecting with other young entrepreneurs and finding out what they are up to and how you can help. You will get new business opportunities, partners, investment, media attention, ideas for productive tools to use, advice for your company, and many other resources that otherwise would take you years of trial and error to figure out (if you ever do at all).

I agree with him about the whole points, but we still can manage our mistakes, there’s always a way out. There were so many people survived from failure, just because they realized their mistakes and soon fix it.

A great community to be involved in, needless to say, is the Young Entrepreneur Forums, where there are over 32,500 entrepreneurs waiting to meet you and help you grow your business!

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Make your first step, now…!

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Even a million steps started from the first step…

Sound easy when you see the title.
But not for me, taking a first step is a hard thing to do.
I don’t know why, but it’s not as easy as its says.
It was happened to me when I made a decision became an entrepreneur, a businessman..

Step up from comfort zone ( an employee ) to be the one who work for yourself, make your own decision and prepared for the worst…
Maybe these tips will help you to make your first step…whatever it is.

1. Be Positive

Hey…if you want to start something, always start it with your positive mind.

Mind and body are unite, and you just couldn’t separate it. Positive mind means positive action, negative mind means a negative action.

Choose your partner who has a same positive attitude, keep your faith, and learn anything about business also will help you.

2. Don’t be scared

Why should we scare? will your first step kill you?

Maybe it’s an extreme question, but honestly most of us faced almost a typical situation. There are so many unnecessary reason to doubt, to feared of, to worries about...

Hey wake up!! There are no reasons to stop your first step just because you afraid facing a failure, there is no failure in your first step, if something wrong happened then you can always fix it in your next step.

3. Stop wasting your time

This bad thing happen almost to everyone of us…delaying something, wasting time, not focused are the biggest obstacles to make a first step.

If you always wasting time, you will left behind! There are so many competitors in this world.

I know how it feel, someone took my business idea just because they made a first step while I was dreaming of it…

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