Mind of Millionaires Secrets Finally Revealed !

The author The Millionaire Mind, Thomas J. Stanley have chosen more than 400 millionaire in United States to do a comprehensive survey figuring out what make them very rich. The survey tell us how they eat,how to go shopping,how to invest and even how they choose their couple. Here the major points in his book, combining with my personal association about what inside their mind.
Hard work, Integrity
We just cant deny it, every millionaire has their own hard work ethic. They don't just dream it they make it happens. Always focus on goal.
Never allow a lacklustre academic record to stand in your way
There a list from those successful millionaires with no academic degree with them. Mindset is the most important thing. You can be whatever you want, be positive.
Have the courage to take financial risk.
Sometimes you have to take a risky decision about your financial moves, financing a project, buy a franchise, make an acquisition are few examples about this thing.
Select a unique, profitable vocation (career).
You are the one who knows your capability, your goal, and your passion.
Be careful in selecting your spouse
You can see my posting about selecting your spouse,especially your business partner you can find it here. They can give you a boost or another way they'll put you in serious trouble. This step is one of the most important thing before you decided to do something.
Be economical.
Try to improve/to equiping again instead of purchasing new matters. Sound ridiculous? Not until you heard how much we can save a penny for this stuff, my personal example is Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of the popular Richdadpoordad series book, lived in their van while building their business empire.
Study, search and Negotiate
They make a list before they plan to buy anything. They watch each and every dollar they spend, and most of them are great negotiator.
Balance your lifestyle.
If you are in your company for 365 days You will neither earn money nor earn your loved ones faith. If you became a millionaire after 20 years of hard work, there won't be any time or anybody with you to enjoy the fruits!
Here's a link again to the book if you want to browse through it in Amazon. The Millionaire Mind

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