What if a Mosquitoes are a Businessman?

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If I want to be honest, starting my very own business was very hard thing to do. The obstacles seemed from every aspect. Our self, family, our neighbour, our friends. Most of them had similar reason why they don’t want us become a businessman, although they have already known about those successful businessman. They most feared is risk of failure. They scared about bankrupt, loosing all of your money, no insurance from a company, dealing with a law, and there are so many reasons why they hated if we planned to be a businessman.

But then I realized, after I read an article from CosaAranda.com, he mentioned about a mosquitoes, hm... what mosquitoes does with this problem.

OK, this tiny creature is feared because they can bring a disaster like malaria, dengue and many terrible things. But that’s only from our point of views, how about theirs?

In their point of view, what they are doing is just looking some food to survive, but they also risk their lives while doing it. Every time they get closer to human skin, a dangerous is hunting them. Human will easily kill them without mercy, but they still facing that risk, why..? Because they know if they give up the fight, they will not survive and die anyway...

What about us, just because risk of failure and loosing our money we give up the fight. We’re not gonna loose our life if we failed in business, come on... our risk is not as big as mosquitoes risk.

Just like wise man always say that “No Pain No Gain”, maybe only adapted by those successful businessman, and the "Dare devil" mosquitos...

So, are you gonna let mosquitoes beat you..?

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