Business Partner...Are We Really Need Them?

Finding business partner when we started our business is not that easy. Sometimes there are so many people available for us to catch.
But do you realize how important your business partner is?
What are most important things that our business partner must have?
And…who are they?
OK… I’ll share my experience

Rule # 1:

Family Connections is not a Guarantee

Well, the easiest way to find your partner is your closest person, such as family, friend, etc

It’s OK as long as you know their history, especially their business history.

Tips from me, think twice before you ask your family or your close friend to join your business. Failure could be deadly for your relationship. Managing failure is very hard if you have personal relationship. You might loose both of and relationship.

Rule # 2:

Great partner is the one who has same vision and mission...

If you are have a vision to be a successful businessman, then you have to find perfect partner to realize it. Just like a pair of shoes, it’s only function if you wear both of them. Partner with same vision is useful when we need to find any ideas, solutions, spirit, support…, but if we have partner with no vision, when we face any problems, they won’t give us any of their support nor solutions, they’ll runaway and blame you for those problems...

Rule # 3:

Test them up..!

OK maybe your partner has a same vision, and tough businessman, but how about their credibility, honesty?. When we find the good and high profitable business. Money is like an evil magnet. Don’t care who they are, if we talking about money it’s mean we talking about the powerful thing to buy everything include your credibility, honesty and pride.

How we test them up? You can start from a little thing; test them to manage your money such as operational cost. Give them a little trust, and see how it works.

If something goes wrong, you can decide what the best is for your business.

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