If You Are not Creative Enough, You Must Read This!

What do you think about ideas?. Is it difficult for you to generate ideas?

Well, sometimes we trapped into similar thinking pattern, that great ideas came from a great person, and creativity belong to the artist or something like that.

Is it true? Well if you still thinking like that, maybe you’ll never be able to create so many ideas. Human brain is a magical and unbelievable computer, very sophisticated and beyond our mind. If we think about latest technology today, like nanotechnology, hybrid machine, special effect in latest animation movies, space tech or something like that,. We’ll be amazed with all that sophisticated things, but we forget what is the main “tools” beyond that sophisticated matters. Yup, it’s our brain…

What about us? I suggest if we want to think big stuff, well start it from a small things. Think big start small…

Maybe I can help you to unleashed the power of your mind, I’m not the expert, I just want to share my experience.

Here are few tips for you to refreshing your mind

1. Relaxing

Hmm….before using your brain for this activity, you have to release some of your mind burden. Take a deep breath and then breathe slowly, closing your eyes will also help. Empty your mind, imagine fresh flowers, beautiful scenery at the village, happy time with your family…do it for a few minutes.

2. Be Positive (If someone else could, why don’t we)

If you want to start thinking, put this in your memory, creativity is not a gift, it is something that we can learn, or maybe we just didn’t realize if we made a creative thing..

3. Keep it Simple

Before you do so many complicated things in your mind, why don’t you try to think it as simple as you can. Having a complicated problems doesn’t mean you have to give your mind a complex way to think. It’s all started from a simple thing, even for Wright brothers, before they made a very complex design of the first plane in the history, they started with a simple mind, find the way to fly.

4. Other’s point of view

Try to take somebody’s point of view to figure out the problem. Think like the way they think, because changing our point of view really help us finding the new ideas. For example if we face a problem with your date, try to use policeman’s point of view, or taxi driver’s, or anyone… What will they do if they are facing a similar problem? Catch up some cool things when you’re doing that.

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