Value Added, Easier Way to Catch Business Ideas

Do you realize that business today is not always making such a brand new things, an inventor, pioneer...
Well I'm not saying that creating something new is old fashioned...not at all, in fact new kind of business still promising. But if you start something totally new, there'll be much effort to do.
Find cool and new ideas is the first step, make it happens is the next step.
Starting a new business is not an easy things to do.
There will be so many obstacles ahead, from inside or outside.

Just a little advice, why don't we start it not from the blank paper...
Start it with the idea that you can always modified anything, any activity, any stuff. After you find something interesting, just think what can we do to modified it, function, process, how to make it more efficient, more interesting, more valued.

It will be easier for us to catch some ideas with adding a values to any thing, there is no limitation for the process. After you decided to make something better, make a modification to assure you that you don't produce a same thing with the original one.

I don't want to write a detail here, because there are so many opportunities, and the best thing is you can find your own value added business

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