Keyword Country’s the Good and the Bad

The Good

  • Its not a Keyword list or keyword software, it’s a Keyword Search Engine.
  • Highly relevant keyword results that work. And all this, within a few seconds!
  • Displays everything you need to be successful with AdSense
    • Maximum CPC
    • Estimated EPC
    • Number of Sponsors
    • Number of Clicks per month
    • Profitability rankings
    • Number of competitors
    • Traffic on Overture
    • Traffic on Google (estimated)
    • KEI Analysis, R/S Ratio
  • Gives you access to:
    • Most searched keywords that exist on planet earth
    • Most clicked keywords
    • Most high paying keywords
    • Most low competition high value keywords
    • Anchor texts that work
  • Equips you with three unique searching tools - Basic Search, Price Range Search, and Advanced Search.
  • Provides you with lots of Niche Keywords from 600,000 industries.
  • Provides Keyword Map that comprises of hosts of categories such as Arts, Computers, Health, Games, News, and Society. Helps you brainstorm for new topic and research out new topics for your existing website.
  • Gives you amazing niche keywords.
  • Good for adsense as well as affiliate websites.

The Bad

  • Database conks out at times, but the frequency has reduced tremendously.
  • Keyword map can be quite confusing because of its depth.
  • Does not allow any keyword additions to database.
So, what are you waiting for just SIGN UP and stop wasting your time!

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