Optimizing Your Searching for Money With Mysearchfunds

After made several trial and error maybe these tips will help you to optimize your "searching for money" with Mysearchfunds.com

  1. Upgrade your search box with your own searchfunds box, it easier for you to make a quick search.
  2. Make sure that you open the pages completely, your search will not count if you don't finish your searching pages,
  3. If you are using Firefox or IE 7.0 you can easily open several tabs at the time (don't open too much), I've tried to open 10 tabs in the same time, but they didn't count it, 5 tabs is still acceptable.
  4. You can do several searching in a same time, but make sure those pages open perfectly.
  5. Don't do open and close suddenly, just let the opened pages for a while, or you can click something inside the page and make a new tab, I recommend to click the advertisement side, it usually put at the top of the page.
  6. I wouldn't recommend you to use automated software or scripts, it against T.O.S, but it on your own risk.
  7. Don't be too greedy, use your time normally, don't spend several hours in one chance.
  8. Tell your friends about this great program, get downline as much as you can....
  9. Happy Searching... ; )
If you don't know about mysearchfunds.com you can read the review here

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