Having a business "Superhero"

Sound cliche isn't it? well, not really…

Everyday we watch news about those business “superhero”, how they rule the business world, almost every aspects of their life available in every media, some of them even have their own biography book.

So, who is your business “superhero” ? in US, they have the longest man who stayed in the #1 position of Top 10 wealthiest in the world, Bill gates, in Mexico - maybe Carlos Slim is the heroic figure for many of them. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal Mart. Ingvar Kamprad, the IKEA's hero. J.K Rowling, the richest woman in U.K, mother of Potter magical adventures. For Indian people maybe their hero is Lakshmi Mittal, owner and founder Mittal Steel Company - the biggest steel company in the world, or maybe you have your own local hero in your country ?

OK, no matter who your hero is, you realized that having a hero, a role model, or even a great teacher for your business is not a bad idea. You can learn about everything that makes them very successful, .their life, their passion, creativity, great business maneuver…and the most important things is HOW THEY STARTED THEIR BUSINESS.

Maybe you’ll find out the great ideas after you learned everything about them, such as:

1. What was their first step to start their business

2. What were their greatest challenges in their business

3. How they find the way out to solved every problems they had

4. How they generated their creative ideas to make a new things

5. What were their biggest mistakes and how they fixed them

6. How to developed and expanding their business

So many things we can learn from them, but the bottom line is that seven of the top ten world’s wealthiest are considered “self-made.” That is, they earned their fortune not through inheritance, but through their own hard work, creativity, ingenuity, and their own business. I think that’s impressive, and highlights the beauty of capitalism and personal, individual effort, and the ability to make your own fortune in this world.

So, do you want to be your superhero..?

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