Knowing a Great Business Idea When You See One

Searching new business ideas is very difficult when you started your own business. It is because you accustomed to see everything in orders. Catch up some great and new ideas when you see one need a skill, and a good news is you can learn that skill.

Change your mind set

First thing we have to change is our mind set, successful businessman have mind set a little bit different from most people. They have an ability to see some problems in different point of view, think outside the box. That’s the secret..!

Good example for thinking outside the box is Ingvar Kamprad founder of IKEA, the largest furniture company in the world. He’s Top 5 wealthiest man in the world.

When he started his furniture business, there was a condition that good furniture is always expensive and can only enjoy by few people , but he tried to thinking outside the box that he had to provide good furniture with a lower prices.

Now IKEA become global trademark and furniture’s trend setter. Today if you’re talking about IKEA, you’re talking about life style.

I hope Ingvar Kamprad can inspired you. Just start with a simple first step. Look around you, choose any kind of business that running well in your area, then do the “thinking outside the box”, see if there is possibilities to make any of those business better, more efficient, don’t follow most people. Think inverse from your habit. Then you'd see better opportunity of business.

Look for solution

Look for solution of consumer’s problems is good matter to get new business idea. So many problems in this world faced by people. I believe that you do have your own problems. Is it your life, family, relationship, business, social, education, etc. There is possibly thousand of it

Somehow a creative businessman able to see a chance here. Solving the problems seems easier when they aren’t yours. They used their ability to solve someone’s problem and make them became their business. Sound creepy isn’t it, you used other’s suffer to generate your profit. But it’s not the way it works. It’s a mutual ism symbiosis. Everybody’s win.

When you get idea for some problems, think farther, if you can make it profitable, then you’re a good businessman? Maybe you can be the business leader in that category. And remember that most business started from someone’s problem. Bill Gates himself started his Microsoft business empire, because he found the way to providing a personal computer in each house. How about insurance, cleaning service, delivery service, security service, you named it.

The idea is making existing problems as an opportunity to you.

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